Robin Dauncey has been creating handmade pottery for more than 30 years. He produces a wide variety of pots in a number of different styles, specialising in robust stoneware crockery.

He provides goods for both private and commercial customers, including restaurant tableware and is able to take commissions.

During his career Robin has made ceramic work for writer and children's laureate Jacqueline Wilson, comedian Tommy Cooper and actor Richard Briars.

What is Stoneware?


Stoneware resists chipping and extremes of temperature making it ideal for serving food, baking in an oven, using on a hob or in a microwave.

When glazed it is also waterproof, suitable for dishwashers as well as use in the fridge.


Stoneware is made from less porous, denser clay that must be fired at a higher temperature. This means objects are usually heavier than a similar item made in porcelain or earthenware.


Stoneware, when it is fired, develops a wonderful grainy texture that enhances the feeling of coffee cups, mugs or bowls in the hand.